What to do after a PhD? (University of Manchester Pathways 2011)

10 Jun

Today, Friday 10th June, I am taking part again in the University of Manchester’s PATHWAYS 2011 Career event for PhD students and Research Staff.

The event takes place over three days and is designed to support delegates in making career choices, exploring future plans and discovering the breadth of opportunities available to them.

Over the three days, Pathways comprises:

I am one of the 77 Panelists who will address questions such as:

  • At what point in your PhD did you / should you really begin to think about the next step in your career?
  • How did you decide on which careers to follow – what other careers did you consider or would you consider as a next step?
  • What other jobs do you know of which have been filled by PhD researchers?
  • How did you / should PhD researchers go about the process of looking for employment?
  • How did you / would you successfully market a PhD to potential employers?
  • How are PhD researchers perceived in the job market?
  • At interview what types of questions were you / could you be asked about your PhD?
  • What was your first job after your PhD?
  • How did you find that job?
  • Was that job what you expected? What was different?
  • Did you use the skills / knowledge from your PhD in your first job / in your current role?
  • What did you learn during your PhD which was useful in your first job?
  • Is there anything you learnt during your PhD which you use in your current job?
  • Is there anything you wish you had learnt or done during your PhD which would have helped your career?

I really enjoyed being a Panelist last year, as you will witness from my older blog post: “The Loneliness of the long-distance … VUI Designer!“. So  I am really looking forward to sharing some insight this year again into the world of Industry, the thrills and perils of start-ups, the luring flexibility of freelancing, and the dos and don’ts of Project Management.

P.S. Not sure who added those 2 extra lines in my profile that don’t make sense with the rest but it wasn’t my fault!

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