The strong but elusive Social Media scene in London (UK)

Last September I wrote a blog post on the Mancunian Social Media scene (“The Social Media scene in Manchester (UK) is very sociable!“), which went down really well, as it got hundreds of visitors to this blog!

Social Media Cafe Manchester

Encouraged by the interest and support, I decided, together with John Cass of PR Communications, to communally write a similar post on the London Social Media scene, listing all relevant networking groups and events (or however many we get our hands on!). The idea is to get in touch with the organisers and ask them to write a round-up post on their events or the local scene in general, to which I and John would then link in our own blogs. If writing a round-up post is not an option, we would ask for an interview, or even get in touch with people who are fans of their event, and interview the fans. We hope of course to also get comments and reactions on it, so that we can keep updating and augmenting the list.

For starters, the list of Social Media events and organisations in London that we now know of is the following:

Social Medial London Meetup
  • The Social Media Week conference in London (@socialmediaweek), which takes place simultaneously in capital cities around the world (such as Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong – @SMWSAOPAULO @SMW_PARIS @SMWTO @SMWHK @SMWRME @SMWSF @smwldn @SMWIST)
Social Media Week

  • The Tuttle Club which is “Co-creating a Social Media Café for London” (check out this link as well)
Shoreditch Twit meetup
  • The #techMAP events organised by Barry Furby, not just in London but elsewhere in the world as well, which focus on “the practical application of technology to Marketing, Advertising and PR”. Here’s a YouTube video on the corresponding “Social Media Monday” event (video discovered on the Digital Entertainment page):

London Bloggers Meetup
London Blog Club
  • Related to web technologies as well as their (start-up) funding is the MiniBar meetup in Shoreditch (with the added bonus of free drinks!). Watch this Youtube video on their meetup (also taken from the Digital Entertainment page):
MiniBar london
  • Potentially relevant could be the various events organised by the Geeks of London, as pointed out to us by @cubicgarden

As already noted above, we welcome any comments and reactions on this post, so that we can keep updating and augmenting the list!

3 responses to “The strong but elusive Social Media scene in London (UK)”

  1. […] media (a stark contrast to my earlier blog posts on the Social Media Scenes in Manchester and London!). Hear me from the 10th to the 32nd minute complain […]

  2. You totally forgot about geeks of london – and londongeekdinners which is no longer around

    1. Thanks Ian. I’ve added this to the list (didn’t add the defunct one)

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